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jumperWe are proud to be part of our school and by wearing our uniform we show the community that we are proud of who we are and where we come from.

Uniform also helps us to feel “as one” and children often prefer to wear this to avoid any namecalling or teasing.

Laurencekirk School likes to give parents choice, and with uniform there is no exception.

We have two different suppliers who provide varied delivery times, style and quality of garments depending on your budget and how quickly your child grows.

uniforms- Parent leaflet

Please click on the links below to access our suppliers.

F&F logo                   schoolwear


Schoolwear Made Easy: Available now. 

F&F from Tesco- Available now. 

Delivery times can vary, please order early during peak times (holidays).


NB: It should be noted that the contract to supply uniform is between you, the customer and the company you select. Laurencekirk School and Aberdeenshire Council are unable to engage in any disputes or concerns regarding the service you receive or the quality of the product.

We also have nearly new school jumpers, polo shirts, skirts and trouser of different ages in the school foyer and are in the process of setting up a swap shop along with the LPPC.