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Our Team

Senior Leadership Team

Mrs Smith (Head Teacher), Miss Duncan (Depute Head Teacher), Miss Shoulder (Depute Head Teacher) and Mr Steer (Principal Teacher)


Senior EYP Miss Wood

Miss Andrew, Miss McLean, Mrs Cadona, Mrs McCombie, Mrs Petrie, Miss Allison, Miss Shearer, Miss Clark, Miss Cameron and Mrs Elertowicz


Class Teachers

P1A           Miss Easton

P1B           Mrs Crowther

P1/2           Miss Macbean

P2             Mrs Foster

P2/3          Miss McBeath and Ms Long

P3A           Miss Cooper

P3B          Miss Milne

P4A           Miss Honeybone and Mrs McHattie

P4B          Mrs Dalgarno and Mrs Greig

P5A            Mrs Keith and Mrs Gavan

P5B            Miss Whyman and Ms Long

P6A            Mrs Morrison and Mrs Clark

P6B           Mrs McFarlane and Mrs Simpson

P7A            Miss Easton

P7B            Miss Marples

Additional Support for Learning

Mrs. Simpson, Mrs McGregor,  Mrs Thomas, Mrs Harley and Mrs Clark

Specialist Teachers

Mrs Miller, Mrs Casasola and Mrs Cheyne

Pupil Support Assistants

Mrs Irvine, Miss Pittendreich, Mrs Baird, Mrs Burgoyne,  Mrs Dayal, Mrs Milne, Mrs Ogg and Mrs Woodland

Office Staff

Mrs. Clark & Mrs. Simpson


Mr. Clark, Mr. Hall, Mr. Petrie, Mr. Milne and Mr Ritchie