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Vision, Values and Aims

 Shared Values and Learning for Life

We are grateful to all who participated in our school values consultation as part of our promoting positive relationships review.

The following shared values have been chosen as they best represent the views of pupils, staff, families and the local community:



We will continue to explore these values during assemblies and health and wellbeing lessons. Learners are showing a very good understanding of the values and how we can demonstrate them in and out of school.

Our new shared values support learners, staff and parents to have a consistent approach and a shared language of expectations. Our school values exemplify how we work together and clearly identify what matters to us at Laurencekirk School. 


We have worked together to agree three rules that we believe will support us to live up to our new values. These three rules have been identified by Pivotal Education, the leading behaviour specialists in the UK, as effective in supporting a positive climate for learning.

Almost all of our pupils follow these rules, without support, on a daily basis but a few require more help and guidance. Our stepped approach, outlined below, provides a consistent framework for supporting learners to make the right choices regarding behaviour. 

For some of our learners, particularly those with additional support needs, individual behaviour plans, that may differ from the stepped actions below, may be in place.

Stepped Actions

We are currently trialing a ‘stepped actions’ approach. There are ten steps:

Reminder -> Caution -> Last chance ->Time Out -> Repair -> Time Away -> Phone call home -> Repair -> Formal meeting -> Serious breach’.

Further details of this approach will be included in our ‘Promoting Positive Behaviour’ guidelines.



Staged Consequences

It’s important that learners understand the consequences of the choices they make. We are also trialing a staged consequences approach. The main idea behind this is that consequences should relate to the poor choice that has been made.  The staged consequences we’re trialing are:

‘Time out -> Time away (in another class) -> Behaviour related consequence -> Time in (break/lunchtime) -> Withdrawal of privileges -> Behaviour Action Plan.’