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Classes and Teachers


Mrs Nicoll, Miss Wood, Miss McRobbie, Miss Forbes, Mrs Hilliard, Mrs McCombie, Miss Kevin, Mrs Moggach, Miss Kiedrowska, Mrs Murray

P1A           Miss Mowat

P1B           Mrs Honeybone

P2             Mrs Anderson

P2/3          Mrs Macdonald and Mrs Greig

P3             Ms Pooley and Mrs Wilson

P3/4          Mrs Cooper

P4             Mrs Foster

P5             Mrs Dalgarno

P5/6          Mrs Mackie

P6             Mrs Clark and Mrs Morrison

P6/7          Miss Easton

P7             Mrs Millard (PT) and Mrs Smith (DHT)

Additional Support for Learning

Mrs Cuthill, Mrs McGregor, Mrs Samson & Ms Lawson

Pupil Support Assistants

Ms Baillie, Mrs Baird, Mrs Burgoyne, Mrs Carnie, Mrs Dayal, Mrs Fisher, Mrs Gilchrist,  Mrs Milne, Miss Montgomery.

Office Staff

Mrs Bradley, Mrs Clark


Mr Clark, Mr Hall and Mr Petrie