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Bounce Back

Bounce Back is a whole school social and emotional learning program.  At Laurencekirk Primary we teach young people the social-emotional learning skills that underpin wellbeing and resilience often described as ‘life skills.’

These skills are used to help a person “bounce back” from times where they have been hurt or inconvenienced, helping them to see that they have the skills to continue to be positive and that not all situations that happen to them, happen because of them and that their positive life skills will help them to move on and build resilience to reduce the chances of it affecting them again.


‘Life is an exciting and often unpredictable journey with joys, satisfactions and highlights, but also some difficulties, challenges and disappointment.’

                                                                                     Helen McGrath and Toni Noble (Bounce Back)


At Laurencekirk Primary we want to prepare our children in meeting life’s challenges and to become more resilient.  Each week the school has a Bounce Back Target that is presented at assembly to the children as a challenge. Teachers reinforce this through learning in the class and any adult in school who “catches a child showing this target in their day” can receive a token that gains a point in their house. Individual success is celebrated in Whole School Assembly.


downloadOur Current Bounce Back Target is

Making stretch mistakes are part of learning.